Watch them grow! Bigfin reef squid have the fastest recorded growth rate of any large marine invertebrate. Our clever aquarists have been able to cultivate eggs behind the scenes for our Tentacles exhibit, using fishing line, plastic ties and Super Glue. 

This species completes its lifecycle in less than a year. In the warm Indo-Pacific waters where they’re found, these squid migrate inshore after winter to mate and spawn. They can spawn more than once during their short lifetime but females may die soon afterward. Each female lays up to 6,000 eggs, which take a few weeks to incubate, depending on the ambient water temperature. Hatchlings are barely a quarter-inch long when they hatch, but can grow to more than a foot. 

Big fin reef squid do react to their reflection in a mirror indicating self-recognition. These animals are very adaptable to lab environments, and with their large neural axons, they’re important in neuroscience studies.

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