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A Matter of Life and Death

As a staff member at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Camila de la Llata has inspired thousands of visitors through theatrical presentations that show what each of us can do to protect ocean animals.

Now, facing a deadly diagnosis of acute leukemia, Camila needs our help. Stepping forward to help Camila will also make a difference for many other people in similar situations.

Camila’s doctors have said that chemotherapy will not cure her or keep her leukemia in remission. Her best hope lies with an immediate bone-marrow transplant from a matching donor.

The challenge? Finding a match will be difficult, because she is of bi-racial (Mexican and European) ancestry. Today, just 3% of the 9 million people registered as potential donors are of Latino heritage. Because Camila has no siblings who can serve as doors, she must find help through the national transplant registry.

Her doctors worry that a match will not be found in time to save her life – unless more people register, and help spread the word.

Camila was enrolled for her senior year at California State University, Fullerton, when she was diagnosed. She is a theater education and directing major, an exhibition ballroom and Latin dancer, and a choreographer. She is a young Latina woman with a promising future – in urgent need of our help.

Please register NOW as a potential donor, and share her story with your friends and family. While finding a match through the registry is Camila’s best hope, expanding the pool of potential donors will make a difference for others from bi-racial backgrounds who face a leukemia diagnosis.

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