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For Earth Day: A Greener Wristband

We want families to have peace of mind when they visit the Aquarium. That’s why, since 2012, we’ve handed out disposable wristbands for younger children to wear. Parents write their cell phone number on the wristband, so if youngsters are separated from their parents, it’s easy to reunite them.

The only drawback? All the wristbands on the market were made from plastic that can’t be recycled or composted. Our Guest Experience team KNEW there had to be a greener way to go. But there were no better options.

Until now.

“I was amazed that none of the manufacturers had explored the possibility of developing a wristband that was environmentally friendly,” says Tom Uretsky, our director of security.

Persistence pays off

Tom approached one of the leading manufacturers – MedTech Wristbands – when he saw them advertising a biodegradable product. Unfortunately, it was still “only a concept”. Even if it existed, he was told, MedTech couldn’t print wristbands in color.

Tom persisted. What if the Aquarium agreed to buy the Earth-friendly wristbands – LOTS of them? Would MedTech invest in the equipment to print custom designs in color? 

That got their attention. Within a month, new equipment was in place and the wristbands in production, imprinted with colorful Splash Zone illustrations

First thousands, now millions

“We’ve already gone through our first 5,000, and we have another 10,000 on order,” Tom says. “They cost a bit more, but they’re completely in sync with our mission to inspire conservation of the oceans, and to promote green business practices.”

More importantly, says Matt Wright, senior account executive with MedTech, biodegradable wristbands like “Genesis” are quickly catching on with other businesses. The company has gone from a single client – Monterey Bay Aquarium – to hundreds of clients who have collectively placed total orders for millions of the new-generation wristbands. In addition to being biodegradable, MedTech’s “Genesis” is also “litter free”,  a feature that’s attractive to green businesses that want to keeping their grounds clean and free of debris. 

“We’re delighted that we’re helping shift the market in an eco-friendly direction,” Matt says. “Were so grateful that the Monterey Bay Aquarium spurred us on.

"It’s definitely an idea whose time has come.”

Learn more about green business practices at the Aquarium.

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