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Come dive with us! In our Underwater Explorers program, kids ages eight to 13 are introduced to surface scuba diving in our Great Tide Pool, where they’ll meet amazing animals while getting a fish’s-eye view of the wonders of the bay. This time lapse video gives you a bird’s-eye view of the action! 

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(Video: Patrick Webster)

"We’re all equal in the Great Tide Pool." In our Days of Discovery program, kids with disabilities learn scuba and explore the underwater world right off our decks! We offer this free program with Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network.

(Photos: Patrick Webster)

Sea Lion Rescue 911

It’s been a rough year for sea lions in California, with “a perfect storm” of factors contributing to a record number of stranded animals in 2014. Add one more.

An emaciated sea lion pup — its flippers and face pierced by several fishhooks — was netted and rescued off the rocks of our Great Tide Pool on May 1 by staff and volunteers with the Marine Mammal Center.

If all goes well, the pup (named “Friday”) could be back in the wild in the next month or so. In the meantime, it’s getting a veterinary exam, having the hooks removed and getting prepped for tube feeding and a steady diet so it can put on some weight.

The sea lion weighs only about 35 pounds and put up little resistance when rescuers clambered onto the rocks to capture it.

It’s one of about five to 10 animals being cared for on any given day at the Marine Mammal Center’s satellite Moss Landing facility, about a half-hour north of the Aquarium. Another 82 animals are being rehabilitated at the center’s headquarters in Sausalito.

The rise in strandings is attributed in part to a harmful algae bloom in Monterey Bay. Domoic acid produced by the algae moves up the food web and concentrates in the tissues of the fish that sea lions eat.

Learn more about the Marine Mammal Center.

Thanks to Aquarium staff member Jessica Little for the rescue photos.

Can’t get enough of the otter mom and pup that visited our Great Tide Pool last week? Check out this video!

Learn more about sea otter conservation at the Aquarium

If you were here last weekend, you may have seen one of the most amazing events we host all year: Days of Discovery, where kids with special needs get a chance to dive in our Great Tide Pool. Tell us: where do YOU find inspiration at the Aquarium?

Watch the YouTube video.

Did you get a chance to see our Day of Discovery program, where young people with disabilities don scuba gear and encounter sea creatures in the Great Tide Pool? Here are some great photos from the weekend! Don’t forget, we also offer our popular Underwater Explorers program for kids 8-13!

(Richard Green Photography)

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