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What makes our Discovery Labs special? “The wonder and excitement in students’ eyes,” says one teacher. “Some of them have never seen a clam before!” Learn more in our latest podcast.

Space invader! This fetching fish is becoming infamous as it gobbles its way through the world’s oceans. Learn more about the invasive lionfish—and one way to help reduce its devastating effects—in our latest podcast.

Need an underwater demolition expert? Meet the pocket-sized peacock mantis shrimp. Its claws can move so fast that they shatter clam shells—and generate light. Our latest podcast has more tales about this tiny terror!

Monster or metal detector? Learn how the hammerhead shark’s uniquely shaped head helps it navigate and hunt in our latest video podcast, just in time for tonight’s #SharkWeek program!

Nail down your hammerhead facts

How do you display deep-sea cephalopods like this vampire squid? It takes a big ship, a lot of scientists, and a robot. Learn how we do it, with the help of our colleagues at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, in our latest podcast.

Singing sardines and repurposed puppets? Learn all about our summer musical performance “Think Big!” in our latest podcast.

Will fish and other #ocean animals get left high and dry? Learn more in our latest podcast.  

Buy tickets now or later? Visit at 10 a.m. or 4 p.m.? Get insider tips for the perfect summer visit in our latest podcast! 

Did you know that we help rescue and rehabilitate threatened snowy plovers? Birds in distress and eggs that have been abandoned are often brought to the Aquarium. We’ve taken in more this year than ever before: in excess of 20 eggs, and numerous chicks. We’ve already successfully released several in the Monterey Bay area! Learn more in our latest video podcast.

Say what? From sarcastic fringeheads to carnivorous chitons, learn about some unusual animals with even weirder names. Get the scoop on our small and strange residents in our latest podcast.

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