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Meet Abby the Otter!

On June 12 a new sea otter named Abby went on exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The 44-pound, five-year-old female otter was rescued as a newborn on July 21, 2007 by the Santa Barbara Marine Mammal Rescue Center and was hand-raised at SeaWorld San Diego, with guidance from our staff. There, she became a popular exhibit otter.

Abby was transferred to the Aquarium June 11, where she spent time acclimating behind the scenes. You can see her on exhibit now or on our live web cam!

Our young female otter, Kit, was transferred to SeaWorld at the same time we received Abby. Why the switch? We’re hopeful that five-year-old Abby will develop into a surrogate for the many pups we rescue and return to the wild as part of our Sea Otter Research and Conservation program. “She’s the right age, and has already displayed maternal behavior,” says Christine DeAngelo, the Aquarium’s associate curator of marine mammals. Having another surrogate on board is particularly important following the death of our veteran sea otter mom, Toola, from old age in March.

What’s Abby like? Reports from SeaWorld indicate that she’s patient with aquarists and very trainable. She likes to play with artificial kelp, take ice baths and eat frozen treats. She also grew attached to towels as a young pup. She likes being touched on the head, chest and back, and even waits at the door before feeding sessions!

We look forward to having her on exhibit, and we hope you get a chance to see her.


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